Succeed at Learning When Learning is a Challenge

kathy-pic4-2Kathy Tucker, Certified Speech and Language Pathologist, M.A., CCC-S/LP, founder of Blossom Educational Services, LLC, offers help for language and learning delays and learning disorders like dyslexia.  Serving the Boulder CO area (including Boulder County, Lafayette, Broomfield, Louisville, Longmont).

Kathy offers support to preschool, school-age, and adult learners in the areas of speech and language pathology. Kathy is trained in a broad range of literacy programs and incorporates evidence-based therapeutic methods, data collection, and feedback from students, parents, and teachers.

How Kathy Tucker helps learners Blossom

Kathy founded Blossom to combine the art and science of speech-language therapy into a unique program of treatment.  Kathy helps people understand how to succeed at learning when it is challenging.  She works with students, teachers and parents to sustain this success at home and at school.

Kathy provides assistance with a broad spectrum of language and learning delays and disorders. These include dyslexia, problems with comprehension and retention, and difficulty with executive functions such as focusing, planning, time management, and organization.

Kathy brings 20 years of experience to her in-depth, personalized work with clients.
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Blossom Services

  • Assessment, diagnosis, and therapy for language and learning disorders and communication disorders
    including dyslexia
  • Coaching, consultation and support for students, parents and teachers
  • Special education planning, services and advocacy
  • Therapeutic tutoring and specialized assistance

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For a free initial consultation, please contact Kathy Tucker at 303-938-5938, or at