The Blossom Program of Treatment

“My daughter has struggled with reading since preschool. After trying many different programs and tutors we finally found Kathy and at last we are making real progress! Kathy diagnosed the problem and got her on a program that works.”
- Bob B.

Language and learning disorders can be a source of anxiety and frustration.  Parents may worry about lack of progress with reading, or about how a child can read but not spell.  They may be puzzled when a student reads well but doesn’t understand content, or can’t seem to get their thoughts down when they write.

The Blossom program of treatment combines an in-depth, evidence-based, and personalized practice.  Kathy Tucker has been in the field for 20 years, and utilizes tools and methodologies from the most effective language and literacy programs. Kathy keeps up to date on the current research in her field, drawing upon professional publications, seminars and workshops.

Kathy’s work follows American Speech, Language and Hearing Association  best practice guidelines. (  She conducts frequent assessment to determine progress, and modifies the treatment program as necessary. Kathy’s goal is to provide intensive services to achieve mastery of targeted skills. To quote Jane Fell Greene, author of the LANGUAGE!  literacy curriculum, “We work as quickly as we can, but as slowly as we must.”

Kathy’s services include assessment, diagnosis, and therapy

  • Assessment and diagnosis of language and learning disorders and communication disorders (this includes dyslexia assessment and testing)
  • Therapy for language and learning and communication disorders (this includes help for dyslexia)
  • Therapy for language processing concerns, including vocabulary development and memory for verbal information.

Kathy emphasizes coaching and consultation

  • Parent coaching and consultation including coaching on reading strategies
  • Teacher consultation and collaboration to support the student.

Kathy provides special education planning, services and advocacy

  • Assistance with Special Education planning
  • Assistance with developing IEPs, 504s, ILPs, and other treatment plans
  • Advocacy for students and families
  • Specialized therapeutic tutoring for reading disabilities and communication disorders.

Kathy offers specialized assistance

  • Support for executive function issues, including memory, attention, and organizational problems
  • Help for children with special needs
  • Resources such as technology support, recommended websites, and literature to optimize learning for parents, teachers and students.

For more information or to begin a conversation,please contact Kathy Tucker at 303-938-5938, or at